About Us

Rastech specializing in commercial and industrial construction and services.

Rastech provides electrical design, manufacture, repair, refit, pre-ventative maintenance (I.R photography), DB solutions, DB manufacturing, Panel manufacturing, Cable installation and Construction.

The company’s mainline operation have been commercial and industrial installations and maintenance. Providing a total service from desing and installation through to commissioning with your company and follow on maintenance.

  • Production lines
  • Industrial installations
  • Reticullation
  • Start of new factories
  • Installation and upgrade of new lines

Quality Assurance

Rastech have developed and implemented a quality management system. At Rastech, we never compromise quality for price. Our quality assurance certification ensures our clients get exactly what they want. We have a simple philosophy of getting the job done on time and on budget, while still providing quality services.

We apply our knowledge to help you improve and reduce costs and maximize productivity.

We have years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.